·Zid Loves Whitey·

I made this blog because I can't express enough how much I love my girlfriend. I can't get over her.
This WAS DONE WITH HER CONCENT. I'm crazy but not that much.

+ Love for her.

I love my girlfriend,. no one can tell me otherwise because they have never even seen me around her or talk to her. Every time I think of her I feel happy or just outright sad.

I can’t talk to her anymore and I feel like we’re being pulled apart by a force way stronger than us. 

I must have done something right when she said she loved me the first time and the last time, but then again I feel the distance between us greater than ever and it hurts. However I am tring to be a better person and I want to be better for her sake, not anyone else’s.

Zid has to remain patient and rest I suppose. But I hope for her sake for things to turn out to be the best possible.